Naturally delicious, deliciously natural!


Tohi: the organic chocolate, combining authentic flavours, pleasure and nature.

Tohi was born out of the enthusiasm of a small group of chocolate lovers, keen to support a contemporary, yet alternative way of life in the pursuit of gourmet discoveries.

Tohi takes you into the unspoiled world of chocolate, where flavours are still natural and pure. Travelling the world in search of subtle and sometimes little known flavours, the master creators of Tohi apply the traditions of yesterday to today innovate on.

The Tohi, this charming, brightly coloured, plump little bird was first spotted in 2004 in the Serranía de los Yariguíes, a small, isolated mountain range in the north of Colombia, on the border with Venezuela.

The announcement of the Tohi’s discovery inspired us to create this new brand of chocolate.
The cocoa we use also comes from this geographic region. The bird links different horizons and evokes freedom, nature and the exoticism of travel. It is a symbol of poetry, fragility and delight.

Tohi chocolate was developed in the image of this discovery. Tohi sports the Belgian colours perfectly. It has three-coloured plumage, a black back, yellow chest and a red crest. It has it all. The new identity of Tohi chocolate was created.

TOHI is :

The search for GOODNESS

Chocolate is, above all, synonymous with pleasure; the pleasure of the fragrances of the world. Exotic spices, fruit zests, dried fruits and the great classics, the Tohi Master-Chocolatiers work on subtle and unexpected blends.

The search for INTEGRITY

Fairtrade, organic guarantee, packaging from sustainable forests (FSC) and carbon neutrality are all proof of our commitment to responsibility. Here is a chocolate that can be savoured unashamedly!

The search for BEAUTY

Unique chocolate deserves unique packaging. The packaging is lively, bright and traditional. Delight in the all new, “naturally delicious, deliciously natural ”, Tohi chocolate.

Our values

Tohi respects the environment

Our packaging is made from unique recyclable materials and the paper and cardboard come from sustainably and responsibly managed forests.

Tohi produces guaranteed chocolates

Quality controls, both technical and organoleptic, are carried out at every stage of the production process. Tohi production complies with the most current and stringent quality and health standards.

The Tohi ethic and creed

To produce exceptional quality, the Tohi team is keen to create a network of partnership relations with its customers and suppliers. It is also concerned about sustainable development in developing countries, which supply a fair number of its raw materials.

Tohi chocolates were inspired by journeys rich in discovery, moments of humor and serenity. It is the pleasure of giving and sharing. Particular attention is paid to the presentation of our products, which reflects this search for Beauty and Good.

Sustainable, certified cocoa

Our cocoa supplier buys from many different countries so that we can make the best products.

Regardless of the country of origin of our beans, we place particular importance on responsible sourcing and creating a sustainable future for the next generations through close collaboration with key stakeholders. We are convinced that the challenges encountered in the sector, such as farmers’ incomes, child labour, forced labour and deforestation, can only be addressed with all the stakeholders in the cocoa and chocolate industry and by involving consumers.

Support for smallholders

Our suppliers are actively and directly involved in sustainable development projects on the ground with small plantation operators. In addition, since 1 October 2020, they have been supporting and implementing the Living Income Difference (LID) initiative of Côte d’Ivoire and Ghana.

Respect for ethics and integrity in the supply chain

The various international standards are in addition to the specific efforts of our suppliers to cover every link in the supply chain right up to farmers and plantations.

Protection of human rights

The protection of human rights throughout the supply chain is an essential element. It goes without saying that we strictly adhere to industry standards, guided by the International Labour Organization’s Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work.

Our suppliers are developing an innovative and systemic approach to combating child labour, thanks to their direct local presence. As access to health and safety is also a priority, they finance and supervise the construction of health infrastructures and drinking water supply systems in rural areas.

At the global level, they are committed to respecting the ILO conventions listed below:

  • No discrimination based on race, colour, religion, nationality or social origin
  • No gender inequality
  • No forced labour
  • No unacceptable forms of child labour
  • No exploitation of local people and communities

A deforestation-free and forest-friendly cocoa supply chain

Our suppliers also recognise the environmental challenge of cocoa cultivation and the threat of global warming. As a leading food company, they want to play an active environmental role in the cocoa supply chain, achieving global carbon neutrality by 2025 and water balance by 2030, including by avoiding deforestation and restoring forests.