Our chocolate marbles

Little balls of goodness to enjoy

Our chocolate marbles are truly indulgent little treasures. Coated in a deliciously creamy milk chocolate or intense dark chocolate, to create a crisp crunchy shell. But what makes our marbles so exceptional is what is hidden inside! Our Master Chocolatiers have placed the best hazelnuts, almonds, cereals or coffee beans inside for an explosion of flavours in every mouthful!

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Recipes and ingredients chosen with care

At Dolfin, we leave nothing to chance in the creation of our products. To appeal to all chocolate lovers, we take the greatest of care in crafting our crunchy marble recipes.

Each ingredient that composes the chocolate shell and the heart of the marbles is carefully selected by our Master Chocolatiers for their quality and exceptional flavour.

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Chocolate marbles in multiple flavours

To be enjoyed alone, shared among friends or family, or as a gift, our chocolate marbles are sure to tantalise the taste buds of chocolate lovers at any time of the day.

A crunchy, delicious centre

Our Master Chocolatiers have hidden gourmet treasures inside the marbles, all selected with the greatest of care. Our range is tailored to suit all tastes: almonds, coffee beans, cereals and even hazelnuts… Take a bite and discover the crunchy centre! Each marble will offer a unique, crisp taste experience.

A delicious chocolate shell

Do you love the sweetness of milk chocolate or prefer the intensity of dark chocolate? We have just what you’re looking for. Depending on the recipe, our marbles are enveloped in a delicious dark chocolate or milk chocolate shell, created from pure cocoa butter. From the cocoa bean through to the chocolate marble, Dolfin chocolate stands out with its exceptional quality.

Keen to try new flavours?

Why not suggest your ideas for flavour combinations for our next chocolate creations!



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