Caramel & Chocolate

A subtle blend of sweetness and intensity

Discover the delectable recipes in the Caramel & Chocolate range. These irresistible delights embody the perfect union of smooth home-made salted caramel, the strength of traditional Belgian chocolate and the sweet flavours of superior quality ingredients. Each mouthful is a whirlwind of pleasure. Once you taste it, you’ll never be without it!

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Exceptional creations from Dolfin

A traditional Belgian recipe

Our Caramels & Chocolates are created in Belgium, in our workshops in Baulers.

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Excellent quality produce

Our caramel creations are produced using pure dairy butter, traditional chocolate and natural ingredients selected with care.

Sustainable production

Dolfin is engaged on a daily basis in an ethical sustainability programme for chocolate production that is respectful of People and the Planet.

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Discover our artisan, 100% Belgian recipe

Our Caramel & Chocolate range creations will surprise you with their indulgence. The Dolfin Master Chocolatiers have developed for your pleasure several truly irresistible recipes.

Stage 1: artisan preparation of the salted caramel

At the centre of this iconic creation is a delicious traditional, home-made salted caramel heart.

To achieve the best caramel, we melt salted butter and sugar in a cooker. Into the mix, we add a touch of single cream, which will create a smooth salted caramel. After cooking, we pour the caramel into a pot, then we carefully spread it over a table. It is then cut into squares with a sugar paste rolling pin and transferred to a cooling table.

Stage 2: coating in chocolate

The caramels are then coated in delicious Belgian dark or milk chocolate made from pure cocoa butter.

Stage 3: sprinkling of ingredients

Depending on the recipe, the Master Chocolatiers will dust the coating with carefully selected ingredients: sesame, pistachios, superfruits, hazelnuts, apricots, red berries, pecan nuts, almonds, etc. Something to suit all tastes!

Stage 4: cooling and packaging

After several minutes in a cooling tunnel, the caramels are packaged and ready to be eaten! Make the most of a pure moment of joy solo, with friends or among family.

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