Our chocolate shavings

An exceptional ingredient for all your chocolate recipes

Take your chocolate recipes to the next level with our delicious Dolfin chocolate shavings. Fine flakes, our irresistible chocolate shavings add the gourmet touch or can be used as the base for all your sweet culinary creations: cakes, moelleux chocolate cake, chocolate fondants, mousses, patisserie decorations or even a comforting hot chocolate…

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Dolfin chocolate, a truly exceptional product

Made in Belgium

Dolfin chocolates are crafted by our Master Chocolatiers following a traditional Belgian recipe, in our workshops in Baulers, Nivelles. Our creations are 100% Belgian!

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Quality products

Our chocolate is made using pure cocoa butter. All the ingredients featured in our creations are natural and carefully selected by our Master Chocolatiers for their superior quality.

Ethical and sustainable chocolate

Dolfin Chocolaterie is committed to sustainability for People and the Planet! We actively participate in the Cocoa Act 4 ethical sustainability programme, to ensure chocolate production that is respectful of People and Nature.

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A range of chocolate shavings all tastes

Packaged in boxes and sachets, our chocolate shavings are available in different versions of varying cocoa intensity. Ideal for all your chocolate-based recipes or to decorate your favourite desserts or patisseries.

Caramel milk chocolate

These chocolate shavings are the perfect combination of sweet milk chocolate and rich caramel. Truly tempting for lovers of smooth, creamy flavours, our shavings will be a touch of indulgence to your favourite drinks, patisseries and desserts.

60% cocoa

60% cocoa chocolate shavings are ideal for those who appreciate the subtle balance between the intensity of the cocoa and the sweetness of the chocolate. These shavings will give charm and depth to your chocolate recipes, for richly gourmet creations.

70% cocoa

Our 70% cocoa chocolate shavings are designed for those seeking an intense chocolate experience. These shavings will appeal to dark chocolate lovers in particular. These shavings have a full-bodied, powerful flavour for your culinary creations. Each mouthful is enhanced with a rich and complex chocolatey note.

Dark and white chocolate mix

Let yourself be tempted by our mix of dark and white chocolate shavings. This daring combination of full-bodied dark chocolate and velvety white chocolate offers a contrasting taste experience, full of surprises. In your recipes or for decoration, this mix of shavings will bring an elegant touch and harmonious contrast of flavours.

Keen to have other delicious flavours?

Share with us your chocolate recipe ideas to delight your taste buds and appeal to chocolate lovers!



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