Our powdered chocolate

Deliciously tasty flavoured hot chocolates

Our powdered chocolate is an indulgent treat for lovers of comforting hot chocolate. Sweet, full-flavoured, with or without Chantilly cream, each hot chocolate made with our hot chocolate powders will give you a warm, cosy hug. Nestle into its enveloping embrace!

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Hot chocolate made with superior quality ingredients

At Dolfin, we make it a point of principle to provide our customers with superior quality chocolate products. All our chocolate powder recipes are prepared using pure cocoa powder.

For the flavours, we select each ingredient with the greatest of care to ensure that your hot chocolate is truly irresistible. As a result, each cup gives you an exceptional taste sensation.

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Our range of flavoured powdered chocolates

Our range of powdered chocolate brings together artisan savoir-faire and exceptional ingredients. Each of our hot chocolate recipes has been created by our Master Chocolatiers to give you a unique, warming and comforting experience.

55% cocoa chocolate

This chocolate powder is the essential ingredient for traditional hot chocolate. With the pleasant bitterness of the cocoa and the smoothness of the warm milk, this recipe is sure to delight young and old alike.

Salted caramel

Delicate and indulgent, the salted caramel flavour powder will appeal to lovers of sweet, creamy flavours.


This almond flavoured powdered chocolate recipe will bring a subtle almond aroma to your favourite hot drink.


Biscuit lovers will be won over with our speculoos flavour. Inspired by the delicious, traditional Belgian biscuits, speculoos flavoured powdered cocoa will charm even the most gourmet foodies.

Spices and orange

Add a touch of originality and exoticism to your hot chocolate with chocolate powder flavoured with orange and spices. An explosion of flavours in the mouth, to warm the cockles of your heart!


Chocolate powder flavoured with cappuccino will delight espresso enthusiasts. This flavour perfectly unites your two favourite flavours, coffee and chocolate.


Enjoy a delicious hot chocolate with the comforting flavour of hazelnuts with our praline flavoured chocolate powder.

Suggest new flavours!

We love a culinary challenge! Submit your idea for a new recipe and perhaps it will feature in our next chocolaty creation!



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