Cocoa Act 4: our sustainability programme

Since 2021, Dolfin has committed itself to an exclusive ethical and sustainability programme: Cocoa Act 4. From the cultivation of the cocoa bean through to the delivery of our chocolates, we ensure that each stage of the production process respects as far as possible the values that we hold dear.

Our commitment to sustainable chocolate

Cocoa Act 4 is an ethical and sustainability programme created by Dolfin. As citizens of the world, for our part, we want to play a role in the future of our planet. This programme aims to guide all our actions based on 4 key cornerstones: Respect for People, Planet, Quality and Transparency.

The 4 cornerstones of the Cocoa Act 4


Respect for People

Appreciation of the work of each stakeholder

At Dolfin, we believe that sustainability begins with respect and the professional and personal fulfilment of each individual.

Within our company, all stakeholders in the production process of chocolate are appreciated, whether they be in Belgium or anywhere else in the world. By placing Respect for People at the centre of our concerns, we are able to participate in building a fairer future  for all.

Fair working conditions for cocoa producers

We work to improve the living standards of cocoa bean producers in the Communauté Parc located in Ivory Coast. We provide proper working conditions and a decent salary.

Cocoa farmers receive a “quality bonus” when they sell their cocoa beans to the Dolfin fermentation centre. They also benefit from a “chocolate bonus” of €0.10 per kg for the chocolate sold. The sum collected thanks to the “chocolate bonus” goes towards financing collective projects within the Communauté Parc (school, maternity clinic, access to water, electricity, etc.).


The Planet

Preserving our environment

At the heart of our Cocoa Act 4 programme lies our underlying respect for our Planet. As a Belgian chocolaterie committed to a sustainable future, we have implemented concrete initiatives to safeguard our environment for future generations.

Chocolate production that respects nature

We promote sustainable agriculture among producers. We ensure they receive training and work to combat deforestation through reforestation initiatives.

We have also reduced our use of plastic by 80% in our packaging. Our chocolate bars are now wrapped in FSC certified cardboard sleeves. Our transparent boxes are made from recycled PET and are fully recyclable.



Creating exceptional chocolate

At our Belgian chocolaterie, seeking better quality is always our top priority. We are committed to creating exceptional chocolate, where every time you taste it is a real sensory experience.

Careful monitoring of the chocolate

To achieve our objective of excellence, we monitor the quality of our chocolate throughout the production process. We meticulously select fresh beans sold by our producers. The cocoa beans are sent to and fermented at our centre in Ivory Coast. We exclusively use natural and superior quality ingredients, carefully selected by our Master Chocolatiers.



Traceability of our products

For Dolfin, transparency is a fundamental value. We believe that our customers have the right to know the source and journey of each ingredient used in our chocolates. As a result, we are committed to ensuring complete traceability of the ingredients making up our sustainable chocolates.

Verifiable sustainability commitments

Our commitment to creating sustainable Belgian chocolate is tangible , clear and measurable. You can find all the details in our annual report, accessible on our website or via the QR Code featured on our bars.

Cocoa Act 4 gazette

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