Who are we?

Dolfin, The Art of Blending

Since its creation in 1989, Chocolaterie Dolfin has excelled in the Art of Blending quality chocolate with exceptional natural ingredients.

Maison Dolfin: a story of passion and commitmentt

The story of Maison Dolfin, is first and foremost a tale of passion for quality Belgian chocolate. Over the years, our chocolaterie has become a worldwide point of reference for superior quality and sustainable chocolate, as well as for our mastery of the entire production process.


Expert in mixing flavours

Since its establishment, Maison Dolfin has won adoration for its chocolates in harmonious and surprising flavour combinations. Dolfin’s Master Chocolatiers perfectly marry pure cocoa butter chocolate with natural ingredients carefully selected from across the world. The result: indulgent, innovative and elegant creations, for the tasting pleasure of gourmet food lovers.

In 2007, Jean-Jacques de Gruben, unconditional lover of Belgian chocolate, took up the reins of the Dolfin Chocolaterie. He has continued and strengthened this tradition of excellence with the development of new recipes and widening the international distribution network.


Commitment to greater sustainability

From its very beginnings Dolfin Chocolaterie has evolved and wishes to take part in environmental and societal issues concerning the future. As a trailblazer in this field, it undertakes to produce more sustainable and ethical chocolates and in 2008 became the first Belgian chocolaterie to be certified carbon neutral. In 2021, it developed its own sustainability programme: Cocoa Act 4.


Ever-growing international success

Today, Dolfin Chocolaterie is renowned for its premium chocolates. Building on this success, our Made in Belgium creations are now exported to over 30 countries worldwide.

Our Mission

To satisfy our customers with superior quality chocolate

At Dolfin, satisfying our clientele is our top priority. We are committed to creating delicious, healthy products, using traditional pure cocoa butter chocolate and quality natural ingredients, without added fat or sugar. We offer a range of high quality products in varied flavours, from more traditional to more surprising combinations.

Taking action for the future of the planet

All good things come from Nature. To preserve it, we want to take action for the future of our planet. From the cocoa tree plantation to the packaging of our chocolates, we ensure that every stage of our production process is ethical and sustainable. We practise sustainable agriculture, we ensure that our cocoa producers receive training, we say “stop” deforestation, we focus on reforestation and we reduce the use of plastic in our packaging.

A project which we developed that illustrates our efforts is the Cocoa Act 4 programme which guides our actions through 4 key cornerstones: Respect for People, the Planet, Quality and Transparency.

Respecting well-being and food safety

We give our staff all the means necessary to respect legal and regulatory requirements with regard to well-being at work, health and safety. We are keen to provide quality products to our customers and we painstakingly respect food safety laws and regulations in force in each country to which we supply chocolates.

Our values


All our products are manufactured from natural ingredients, carefully selected from across the world for their exceptional quality.


We are proud to continue expertise of Master Chocolatiers in developing our recipes and the manufacture of our products.


Our chocolates are produced according to the most faithful Belgian tradition. They are manufactured in Belgium in our workshops in Baulers, (Nivelles).


We are constantly looking for new innovative flavour combinations to complement our range of products and satisfy the most exacting connoisseurs.


We are committed to ethical and sustainable production for the benefit of our planet.

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