Chocolate bars

Premium chocolate in bar form

Explore our range of delicious Dolfin chocolate bars. All the recipes of our Master Chocolatiers are born from the perfect marriage between delicious pure cocoa butter chocolate and superior quality ingredients. Our elegant and indulgent chocolate bars are available in a variety of original flavours. Dark chocolate, milk chocolate and white chocolate: let yourself be tempted by our exceptional chocolate bars!

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Dolfin, the guarantee of premium chocolate

Made in Belgium

Our chocolate is manufactured in Belgium, in our workshops in Baulers, Nivelles.

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Superior quality ingredients

Each ingredient featured in our chocolate recipes is carefully selected by our Master Chocolatiers for its taste qualities. We endeavour, as far as possible, to favour ingredients sourced from local producers.

Sustainable chocolate production

For several years, Dolfin has invested a lot of time into an ethical sustainability programme to ensure more sustainable chocolate production.

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Explore our range of Dolfin chocolate bars

Ideal for out and about, our 70 g and 30 g dark chocolate, milk chocolate and white chocolate bars are sure to satisfy your sweet cravings. Enjoy alone, nibble on the go or share if there’s any left, each chocolate bar from our collections is sure to delight you.

Dolfin Collection – 70 g bar

Chocolate bars from the Dolfin Collection – the best Nature has to offer! Savour the unique blends with ingredients selected for their quality from across the world: coffee from South America, delicious Italian hazelnuts, lemons from Spain, Italy or Greece, sesame seeds from India and coconuts from the Philippines… Wrapped in an elegant, colourful sleeve, chocolate bars from the Dolfin Collection are as good as they look.

Travel Diary – 30 g bar

These chocolate bars are a veritable invitation to travel and taste. Close your eyes, smell the aroma and savour the flavour, embark on a taste adventure through the flavours of the world: hazelnuts, coffee, sesame, lemon, ginger, apricots, oranges and even pink peppercorn…. Each mouthful of our 30 g bars takes you to faraway lands. Explore our original recipes now!

Sweet & Salty – 30 g bar

Dolfin’s Master Chocolatiers take you on a journey along the Salt Road in this collection of Sweet & Salty chocolate bars. Our delectable dark chocolate and milk chocolate recipes incorporate a subtle hint of salt from across the world: France, Bolivia, Hawaii, Madagascar, Iran and even the Himalayas… To this premium ingredient, we blend sweet and savoury elements: almonds, cocoa chips, pistachios, nougat and caramel… The result? A sweet and salty combination to die for!

Guilty pleasures – 30 g bar

Give in to temptation with our guilty pleasures. Discover these delicious small bars of chocolate and bring back childhood memories with these comforting combinations. Enjoy a moment of pure joy. Four classic recipes that combine quality produce and are sure to delight young and old: speculoos, salted caramel, nougat and salted almonds. A small, ultra gourmet indulgence.

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