Our Winter and Christmas chocolates

The winter months have never been so sweet

The winter months have never been so sweet thanks to our selections of winter inspired chocolates. Each mouthful of these chocolate squares whisks you back to the sweet, tender magic of Christmas. Our Winter Collection features all the indulgent and comforting flavours, reminiscent of childhood memories by the fireside.

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Dolfin, truly exceptional creations

Chocolate made in Belgium

All our chocolate creations are carefully crafted by our Master Chocolatiers in our workshops in Baulers. Enjoy our 100% made in Belgium, short supply chain products that favour quality and authenticity.

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Recipes featuring quality ingredients

Our chocolates are created using pure cocoa butter and carefully selected natural ingredients. Our Master Chocolatiers select each ingredient for their exquisite flavour and their remarkable quality.

Ethical and sustainable production

At Dolfin, we seek to respect the Planet and People at each stage of the production process for our chocolates. This is why we are fully committed in the exclusive ethical sustainability programme called, Cocoa Act 4.

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 Savour the joys of winter with our chocolates

Embrace the enchanting winter wonderland and the festive season with our Winter Collection of delicious chocolates.

Share the festive magic with our chocolates in all the winter hues

Grant yourself a moment of pure pleasure alone or with loved ones to enjoy this chocolate selection in the colours of Winter. Our boxes are ideal for sharing a precious, comforting moment before, during and after the celebrations. And why not round off your Christmas meal with some delicious chocolates specially created for the occasion?

Looking for a different kind of gift this Christmas? Slip a box of Dolfin chocolates under the tree and give an original and delicious gift to those you love. Each box or case of winter chocolates will put sparkle in the eyes and warm the hearts of young and old chocolate lovers.

A variety of Christmas flavours

Our winter chocolate selections embody the true essence of the festive season: they’re sweet, comforting and full of the magic of Christmas. All our chocolate recipes have been carefully conceived by our Master Chocolatiers to capture the spirit of Christmas. All the Christmas favourites are featured: milk chocolate, dark chocolate, coffee, nougatine and even orange…

Boxes in enchanting packaging

Immerse yourself in the thrilling atmosphere of Christmas with our colourful packages. The boxes in our winter collection are a sight to behold. Each detail is reminiscent of the wondrous season. The patterns and colours which adorn our boxes and our chocolates are truly winter paintings evoking the beauty and magic of the winter months.

Suggest new recipes

Have you got ideas or are you keen to try new flavours? Send us your best chocolate recipes! You might just find your creation in a future selection or Dolfin box.



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