Our chocolate squares

Pleasured squared, happiness in a bite

Discover our delicious napolitains to be enjoyed without moderation. These tempting little chocolate squares bring together pure cocoa butter chocolate and the highest quality ingredients. The result? Chocolates in delicious flavour combinations, from simple classics to astonishing innovations.

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Dolfin, premium Belgian chocolate

Made in Belgium

At Dolfin, we take pride in continuing the expertise of Belgian Master Chocolatiers! This is why our chocolate squares are entirely produced in our workshops in Baulers.

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Exceptional ingredients

We attach a great deal of importance to the composition of our blends. From the cocoa bean to the ingredients making up our recipes, we can guarantee products of the highest quality.

Sustainable and ethical chocolate

Dolfin is engaged in an ethical sustainability programme for chocolate production that respects People and the Environment.

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Chocolate squares to suit all tastes

Our chocolate squares in a range of flavours will fill you with delight. Enjoy them alone, share with your nearest and dearest, savour them with a coffee or as a snack… Whatever the time, whatever the occasion, our chocolate squares are there to satisfy your sweet tooth!

Dolfin napolitains

Give in to our little Dolfin chocolate squares. Let yourself be tempted by the variety of flavours in our selections and different collections. Each napolitain is a full blown taste sensation. In a box, tube or case, our chocolate squares are there for the eating!

Themed napolitains

There is always a good reason to eat chocolate! We are pleased to offer themed boxes of chocolate squares, for every occasion and every season. To give to others or enjoy as a treat yourself, themed napolitains will delight the most gourmet palates.

Would you like to try new flavour combinations?

Share your recipe ideas! You might find these new creations in our range.



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