Parc Community, what is it?

20 May 2022

The PARC’ Community is a community of growers with whom we work closely within the context of our “Cocoa Act 4” programme. The beans, which are the basis of our chocolate, come from this community.

The ‘PARC’ Community, comprising some 1,000 inhabitants, is located in Ivory Coast, 60 km from San Pedro and 22 km from Gnity-Cailloux. Two ethnic groups are represented in the community: the Mossi (an ethnic group from Burkina Faso who speak Mòoré) and the Baoulé (an ethnic group from Ivory Coast who speak Baoulé).

Social perspective:

inhabitants in the village,

km from San Pedro (the nearest main town)

average age of producers

average no. of children per producer

Cocoa perspective:

Cocoa Act 4 producers-growers

female cocoa producers

average area in ha per grower

average yield in kg/ha

Development areas:

Currently, the Parc Community does not have…

X Access to drinking water

X Access to education

As the nearest school is located 3-4 km away, children under 9 cannot go there alone. Consequently, a Franco-Arabic alternative “school” has been in the village since 2018.

There are 4 classes that accommodate approximately 100 children. Two voluntary, unqualified teachers are responsible for looking after the children and teaching the basics until such time that they can walk to the official school by themselves.

There is no equipment available for the children (not even any chalk for the blackboard) and the classrooms are close to becoming unsafe for use…

This “school” is located on the left in the first photo below.

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