Our chocolate bars get a new look, with 80% less plastic!

5 August 2021

We have noticed that over the last few months we have received numerous emails concerning the large quantity of plastic used in our packaging. As Dolfin is attentive to its customers and wants to take sustainable and ecological action, it has recently chosen an alternative solution.

It is important to be aware that our packaging is inspired by tobacco pouches and is composed of several layers. This is a voluntary, historic step. In addition to the exclusivity of the packaging, the aim is for it to be resealable once the bar has been opened. On the one hand, this avoids scattering pieces of chocolate in your fridge, cupboard or bag, but most importantly it preserves the flavours of the chocolate by keeping it away from humidity and air.

Because of these many benefits, we decided to use the same packaging principle, but in cardboard! Thanks to this radical change, we are reducing our use of plastic by 80%, which is quite significant!

We’ve taken the opportunity to spruce up our chocolate bars and are now highlighting our sustainability programme, Cocoa Act 4.

So what do you think? Do you like it? We would love to get your feedback. Your opinion is very important to us!

P.S. New flavours have appeared… It’s time to discover them!

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