Dolfin chocolates – Composition & Conservation

13 March 2021

Where does the cocoa used in Dolfin chocolates come from?

The cocoa beans used in our recipes have different origins and are carefully selected to offer a unique experience. They take us on a journey to discover distant horizons, from West Africa to Latin America, via Vietnam and Papua New Guinea.


What does the cocoa content mean?

According to European laws, cocoa content means the combination of three elements: cocoa butter, cocoa mass and cocoa powder. A high percentage of cocoa is not only synonymous with quality. Indeed, the selection of the cocoa beans and every stage of chocolate production play a major role. Furthermore, the expertise of Belgian Master Chocolatiers is also a crucial factor in the taste and range of aromas of a chocolate.


Do Dolfin chocolates contain GMOs?

No, absolutely not, and we make sure of it!


Do Dolfin chocolates contain vegetable fats (palm oil)?

Dolfin chocolates do not contain GMOs. They are made of pure cocoa butter! Only certain ingredients, particularly biscuits (speculoos, shortbread, petits beurres) may contain a very small quantity, as this is an integral part of their preparation and baking. It should be noted that this speculoos is also certified Organic and Fairtrade.


What is the composition of Dolfin cocoa butter?

Cocoa butter is a single ingredient, not a compound ingredient. It comes from the pressing of the cocoa mass (or paste), which itself is the result of the grinding of cocoa beans. All our chocolates are 100% pure cocoa butter. We do not use substitutes.


How to store your Dolfin chocolate

Chocolate is a delicate, complex substance. It is very sensitive to odours, light and temperature variations. Therefore, it is best stored in a cool, dark, dry place, preferably between 14 and 18°C. We also advise you not to store chocolate near food or other highly aromatic substances (e.g. spices) as it may absorb the aromas.


How long can you keep your Dolfin chocolates?

To enjoy their full flavours and organoleptic properties, we advise you to consume Dolfin chocolates before the use-by date indicated on the packaging. This is approximately 13 to 15 months after their production date.

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