Benefits of “Cocoa Act 4” for farmers

19 May 2022

What are the concrete benefits for producers in bringing their fresh beans to the Dolfin fermentation centre, located in the PARC Community in Ivory Coast?

Let’s take a concrete example.

I am a mother and a cocoa farmer, and my child is sick. Unfortunately, I don’t have the cash to go to the pharmacy and buy her some medication. What can I do?

Thanks to the Cocoa Act 4 program, in just two days I can get the money I need to meet her needs. I only need to harvest a few pods (one day), shell them and deliver my fresh beans to the Dolfin fermentation centre (one day). So I receive the price per kilo + the “quality premium” of 100 CFA Francs and I can go directly to the pharmacy.

If I had not been part of the program, I would have had to wait 19 days before I had enough cash! I would have needed one day of harvesting, one day of shelling, six days of fermentation and 11 days of drying. That makes a total of 19 days!

That’s why I receive a better and faster income thanks to Cocoa Act 4. I don’t have to take care of the fermentation myself anymore, since it is managed at the Dolfin fermentation centre. Also, as this stage is crucial for the development of the beans’ aromatic profile, they are monitored better, making it possible to produce high quality Dolfin chocolates.

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