Naturally delicious, deliciously natural

Our Organic & Fairtrade chocolate combining Authentic Flavours, Pleasure and Nature.

The Tohi brand was created with passion in 2008 by the craftsmanship of Dolfin.

Dolfin already applying the art of mixing exclusively natural ingredients to a traditional Belgian chocolate, the development of a new brand of organic and Fairtrade chocolate seemed obvious.

TOHI is:

  • The search for the GOODNESS

Chocolate is above all synonymous with pleasure. Exotic spices, fruit zest, dried fruit or great classics, Tohi’s Maîtres-Chocolatiers work subtle and unexpected associations.

  • The search for INTEGRITY

Fairtrade, the organic guarantee, sustainable forest management for packaging (FSC) and the control of carbon emissions are all signs of our responsible commitment. Here is a chocolate to be enjoyed in all honesty!

  • The search for BEAUTY

Unique chocolate deserves unique packaging. The packaging is lively, bright and authentic. Enjoy Tohi chocolate, “naturally delicious and deliciously natural”.

Our values:

  • Tohi respects ecology

Our containers are made from recyclable materials. The paper and cardboard come from forests managed in a sustainable and responsible manner.

  • Tohi makes guaranteed chocolates

All the products in the range are exclusively from certified organic farming. Selected for their exceptional quality, our ingredients incorporated into the heart of the chocolate reveal their subtle and true tastes.

Quality controls – technical and organoleptic – are carried out at each stage of the manufacturing process. Tohi conforms its production to the most recent and rigorous quality and health standards.

  • Ethics is Tohi’s credo

To produce exceptional quality, the Tohi team is keen to create a network of partnership relations with its customers and suppliers. It is concerned with sustainable development in the countries of the South where many of its raw materials come from. Tohi chocolates are “Fairtrade” certified.

Tohi chocolates were inspired by journeys rich in discovery, moments of humor and serenity. It is the pleasure of giving and sharing. Particular attention is paid to the presentation of our products which reflects this search for Beauty and Good.

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