What is the PARC Community?

The ‘PARC” Community is the community of farmers with which we work closely in our Cocoa Act 4 program. The beans that make up our chocolate come from this Community.

The ‘PARC’ Community, composed of 1,000 inhabitants, is located in Ivory Coast, 60 km from San Pedro and 22 km from Gnity Cailloux. It is comprised of two ethnic groups; the Mossi (Burkinabè ethnic group speaking Moré) and the Baoulé (Ivorian ethnic group speaking Baoulé).

La Communauté ‘PARC‘, composée de 1 000 habitants, est située en Côte d’Ivoire, à 60 km de San Pedro et 22 km de Gnity-Cailloux. Deux ethnies la composent ; les Mossis (ethnie burkinabée parlant le Moré) et les Baoulés (ethnie ivoirienne parlant le Baoulé).


Inhabitants in the village
km from San Pedro (nearest main town)
Average age of producers
Average number of children per producer


"Cocoa Act 4" producers
Women cocoa producers
Average area per producer in ha
Average yield in kg/ha

Areas for development

At the moment, the Park Community does not have …
The nearest school is 3-4 km away, so children under 9 years of age cannot go there alone. As a result, there has been a substitute French-Arabic “school” in the village since 2018.

It has four classrooms that can accommodate around 100 children. Two unqualified volunteer teachers keep the children busy and teach them the basics until they can walk to the official school on their own.

No materials are provided (not even chalk for the blackboard) and the classrooms are falling apart.

This “school” is located on the left, on the first photo below.