Milk chocolate & soufflé brownies

Originating from the United States, the brownie is loved by all. That is why Dolfin is launching a new tablet made from milk chocolate and soufflé brownies. This tablet offers all the finesse of milk chocolate set off by a crunchy soufflé brownie.


Dark chocolate banana crumble

You won’t be able to resist savouring this delicate duo with its exotic flavour. A subtle blend of fondant chocolate, crunchy crumble and the delicate fruity notes of banana. A pure delight!


Dark chocolate, sablé biscuits & Guérande fleur de sel

A simple, sincere and comforting blend in which the dark chocolate subtly fades, giving way to a fondant sablé biscuit, followed by a hint of fleur de sel for the delicate final touch.


Milk chocolate with petits beurres and Andean pink salt

Well-known by all biscuit lovers, the delicate flavour of petits beurres with creamy milk chocolate bring back memories of childhood and cosy afternoon teas. The subtle hint of Andean salt, pink with ivory hues, will have you hooked in an instant.

Tablets that should be enjoyed slowly and to the full...